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This journal has been closed for a while, and I'm going to delete it shortly. If you want to see my comic -- which is updated like clockwork every MWF, thanks to some wonderful automation by davean -- you should add xkcd.com's LJ RSS feed instead.

This journal will be deleted soon.

xkcd drawings moving to RSS feed


I'm closing down this journal. Friend the new feed.

Thanks to new revisions to my site and work by Derek, I now have automated posting -- if I go missing for a few weeks, as long as I've got enough comics in the queue no one will notice. The site also now has the more traditional 'forward' and 'back' format to make browsing easier.

Most importantly, the site now has an RSS feed which is updated automatically whenever a drawing is posted. This means I no longer need to separately update this journal, so I'm closing it down and you should all friend the feed:


Thanks! Exciting times ahead, etc.